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QT Creator 2.5 Beta

vhjk QT Creator 2.5 Beta


Qt Labs hanno appena rilasciato la nuova versione Beta di Qt Creator v2.5 per gli sviluppatori, questa ultima beta offre nuove caratteristiche e correzioni di alcuni bug.


We just published the Qt Creator 2.5 beta. This release is full of goodies, and as usual we’d like to give you a small tour through the new features, though we can’t possible cover all of them in one blog post.

The C++11 standard was published last September. We are happy that Qt Creator 2.5 understands more of C++11 e.g. nullptr, constexpr, static_assert, noexcept, inline namespaces, auto, and partially lambda. And as usual we implemented some new refactoring operations, such as:

  • A basic refactoring action to insert an #include for an undefined identifier
  • A “extract function” refactoring action
  • A “rearrange parameter list” refactoring action
  • Signature synchronization: changing parameter names in the declaration automatically changes them in the function body

Per il changelog completo cliccate qui: http://labs.qt.nokia.com


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